05 luglio 2010
Misfatto N. 19 - Sfiga (Corradi-Soffritti)
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  • At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonimo

    Some artists have the gift to be able to politically cartoon what is happening around them. After going to your site I’ve decided that you are blessed with this extraordinary talent. Your cartooning on your blog is just amazing. The skill and depth you show in drawing your characters is unsurpassed. It’s fascinating to see what you are creating here on this Italian blog. I think that the fact that you are an Aries adds to the creative force you imbue in your characters. You have such a huge array of artistic and politically flavored art there is literally something for all artistic tastes . My Italian is pretty rusty, so I had to guess at some words. I liked your series; it seems you are inspired by numerous outside influences that are the stimuli for your drawn ideas in each strip. I found your blog by accident as I looked for creative cartoonists online. Please keep up the good work. Remember in art there are no sacred cows.

  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger Donald Soffritti

    Dear anonymous, thank you so much for the beautiful words that you have written to me… I don't know how to thank you! :)