01 agosto 2011
Misfatto N. 60 - La Passione di Cribbio (Corradi-Soffritti)
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  • At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonimo

    WASHINGTON now saying there is boo in AEGEAN, and it is from the state of MAINE.
    And the Governemnt has an emergency with the " ass" and with RICE and RISA because OKLAHOMA and COLORADO " flipped"'with evidence....and ith the ARYAN stars, like DEMI.
    And so now, there are explosives marked for CANNES because everyone is on HEROIN and not thinking and sitting back....and listening, in EUROPE.
    HOLLYWOOD on " COPHY" break, and EVERYONE TALKING....about movie..about AMI and MICHAEL MANN & how they are going to HELP....
    And that is what the people want after YEARS of LIESand DECEPTION.

  • At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonimo

    They have just stated that there are submarines in LA and that they " do" in LA they have LABS in LA!
    ALEC BALWIN was the PR for REMY and the DEER was KARL ROVE!
    All of HOLLYWOOD giving it up for the TRUTHS and FACTS and STING- REBA- CHER- CRUISE- PITT-
    ALL on BOARD to go after CORRUPTION in all GOVERNMENTS.